ITSG Equipment Guide

ITSG Equipment Guide

The options below represent equipment that cover the most common setups in use today*.

Within the Dell “Oxford Standards” and the XMA Apple configurations, your department finance team will be able to work with you to adapt the examples within this site to your specific needs and budget. ITSG can provide advice on device specification if you determine that the options available from Dell or XMA, that your finance team have access to, do not meet your needs.

We’ve created two documents to help you with your purchasing; a flowchart to help you with your purchasing decision making, and a summary of equipment setups to support new ways of working:

Device Flow Charts.pdf131.2KB

All prices inc. VAT and are subject to fluctuations. Always check with Dell, XMA, Insight to check latest pricing and delivery lead times.

Device Choices

*Note that we have made some assumptions; that purchases come from University preferred suppliers and the Operating System is Windows or Mac. Linux can be specified in the Dell configurator.