Hubs, Monitors, Keyboards & Mice

Hubs, Monitors, Keyboards & Mice

In order to connect your laptop and peripherals together you will need a hub. Dell have introduced a Hub Monitor that does this super neatly. The hub monitor results in a single cable to connect your laptop to the monitor and all of your other peripherals.

If you have a Mac or existing monitor(s) you may need to use a standalone dock solution. A USB-C dock will provide a single cable to your laptop and connect to your monitor(s) and peripherals.

The Dell items are available from the “Oxford Standards” in Dell Premier/Dell Oracle Punchout.

Hub Monitor. Recommended for Windows Laptops connecting multiple monitors or Mac Laptops with only a single monitor requirement. Simple. Clean. Efficient:

Standalone Hub. Recommended when you have existing monitors you intend to continue using and/or have a Mac and two monitors.

Windows (or Mac with single monitor):
Mac (support for multiple monitors): This is an emerging area and we are testing the following when opportunities arise in depts.

Good: Cable Matters USB-C (TS4) Dock £199.95 (Amazon)

Best: CalDigit TS4 £461.98 (Available from Insight # TS4-UK-AMZ)

Standard Monitor. Add a second monitor to your setup to increase productivity.