Hubs, Monitors, Keyboards & Mice

Hubs, Monitors, Keyboards & Mice

In order to connect your laptop and peripherals together you will need a hub. Dell have introduced a Hub Monitor that does this super neatly. The hub monitor results in a single cable to connect your laptop to the monitor and all of your other peripherals.

If you have a Mac or existing monitor(s) you may need to use a standalone dock solution. A USB-C dock will provide a single cable to your laptop and connect to your monitor(s) and peripherals. NOTE that Mac’s with the M1 chip DO NOT SUPPORT MULTIPLE DISPLAYS and are unsuitable for some use cases.

The Dell items are available from the “Oxford Standards” in Dell Premier/Dell Oracle Punchout.

Hub Monitor. Recommended for Windows Laptops connecting multiple monitors or Mac Laptops with only a single monitor requirement. Simple. Clean. Efficient:

Standalone Hub. Recommended when you have existing monitors you intend to continue using and/or have a Mac and two monitors.

Windows (or Mac with single monitor):
Mac (support for multiple monitors): This is an emerging area and we are testing the following when opportunities arise in depts.

Good: Cable Matters USB-C (TS4) Dock £199.95 (Amazon)

Best: CalDigit TS4 £461.98 (Available from Amazon)

Standard Monitor. Add a second monitor to your setup to increase productivity.

Keyboards & Mice

We recommend wireless options to simplify storage, flexibility and setup. Of course a wired option would work just fine too. There are many on the market the two below are entry level options from Dell to take advantage of the University framework.

Dell Wireless Mouse & Keyboard. More information here.

Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard. More information here.